The Chinese Folk Dance Lecture/Demonstration-
an eDance touring program by invitation

The Objective
The aim of this Chinese Folk Dance Lecture/Demonstration is to provide an opportunity for a broader audience to experience and understand the economic, social, and political developments in contemporary China through folk and ethnic dance.  The target audience will be the dance/movement students at college level in the United States, or adults with similar educational background who are interested in Chinese art and culture.

The Description
China is a large, unified state inhabited by 56 different ethnic groups, the largest of which, the Han, represents 94% of the population.  Han civilization developed in the central region and inhabits most of the land.  This Lecture/Demonstration, considered to be both informational and educational, will introduce, with the aid of slides, music, and movement, the folk dance of the Han Chinese, especially in their use of fan and handkerchief as the dance's main props.  As climate, geographic setting, and socioeconomic conditions can affect people's lifestyles, regional variations of this Fan-and-Handkerchief dance from four provinces and districts will be presented.  These variations include Dongbei Yangke from the northeast provinces, Yunnan Flower Lantern, Zhiaozhou Yangke from the Shandong province, and Anhui Flower Drum Lantern.

The duration of the performance is roughly one and a half hours.  It will start with an overview and a brief description of dance in modern China with slides and lecture (approximately 20-30 minutes).  As the presentation moves on to each particular dance style, there will be a short and precise introduction of the movement and the use of the props.  Dancers will demonstrate some significant movement patterns and perform two to three combinations from each district or province (approximately 40-50 minutes).  At the end of the presentation, there will be a question and answer section (approximately 10-15 minutes).

If you are interested in this program, you can send an e-mail to

Dancers:  Cha-Lee Chan & Wai-Yee Chan

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